Tibet 1986 and Beyond

Tibetan travel & study

Mostly Portraits – Central Tibet

Below are mostly portraits. Enjoy.

Women probably doing their daily circuit around the Jokhang. 1985

Most evenings, the older residents of Lhasa enjoyed their daily circumambulation of the Jokhang.

Turnip vendor, Gyantse 1985

The valleys in Central Tibet are at about 12,000 feet above sea level, Eastern Tibet (Khams, ཁམས་) are 10,000 feet. The primary crops are root vegetable like turnips, potatoes, radishes, etc., barley, and rape flower for cooking oil.

Women at Sakya 1985

Sakya is south of the road going from Shigatse to Nepal. Before the Dali Lamas ruled, the Mongolians took over China and Tibet. The Sakya sect ruled Tibet under the Mongolians. Tibet did not put up a fight as defeat was certain. The Gelupas passed leadership through reincarnation. The Sakya was passed uncle to nephew.

Break time in Sakya 1985

The women are passing out yak butter tea. It is more of a broth and tastes better than it sounds.

Lhasa dentistry 1985

This was taken on a sidewalk of a major Lhasa thoroughfare. Makes going to the dentist in the US a breeze. Note the dentist’s tool.

Outside Gyantse 1985

Taking a breather by the road.


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