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Monasteries around Kanze དཀར་མཛེས་

I found a few hand drawn maps made contemporaneously on the visit to Kanze དཀར་མཛེས་. This part of Kham/East Tibet was annexed on to Sichuan. Below is a (rather messy) hand drawn map of the monasteries near Kanze.

Monasteries surrounding Kanze. 1986

Frank and I managed to visit most of these locations. The transliteration is Wylie. In parenthesis is the sect. Sorry for the south to top orientation.

Below is a very approximate map of the town itself which may be quite different now. However, the monastery map should remain the same.

Kanze town 1986

And finally, below are a few notes.

Kanze notes 1986

These are probably only of interest to the academically inclined.

Rather than ending this post on a rather dull note, below is a picture taken in Kanze of a couple guys out on the town.

Out on the town Kanze 1986.

The beverage of choice for these occasions is usually chang, kind of a barley beer/brew. It looks like muddy water but tastes much better.

I am almost done with the non-pictorial posts so there will be more interesting items following.


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